[Marxism] Marx's crisis theory

james pitman marinercarpentry at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 15:45:50 MDT 2013

Charles put: "Heinrich, by not sorting out these two matters related to the
rate of profit, disparages the whole labor theory of value that Marx gave
us along with its results about surplus value, class struggle, and the
capitalists' necessary and inhuman devotion to the rate of profit above all

Really? I'd say the opposite is true. Bachaus and Reichelt ignored class
struggle [although never neutralised it]. Heinrich returns to it; what he
takes aim at is at any vision of a possible future society that doesn't
completely jettison abstract labour, value as constituted by capital etc.

He says precisely the opposite of what you've just credited him with.

"It is questionable, however, whether or to what extent the presentation of
the 'shapings of the total process' envisioned by Marx for book III is at
all possible in abstraction from the state and the world market. If,
however, this is in fact not possible, then the construction of Capital as
a whole is called into question."

~ Is this from the book?


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