[Marxism] Guantanamo in the Australian suburbs

Jeff Sparrow Jeffrey.Sparrow at vu.edu.au
Thu Apr 11 19:34:49 MDT 2013

'Indefinite detention is the worst form of torture. I am an innocent man.
[Š] But if anyone believes that I have done anything wrong, I beg them to
charge me with a crime, try me, and sentence me. If not, release me. Even
a death sentence is better than this. Instead of a swift execution, we are
being subjected to a cruel, slow, and cold-blooded death.'

That's a man called Musa'ab al-Madhwani. It's a message smuggled from
Guantanamo Bay, where detainees have embarked on a mass hunger strike.
Yet so deep has Australia descended into a moral abyss over refugees that
the passage might equally have come from Melbourne and the eerily parallel
struggle currently taking place there.

'If the ... government does not release us, we ask that they kill us
mercifully Š [we] can't keep living like this. We are not in detention. We
are in a cemetery.'

The Fairfax papers yesterday reproduced that snippet from a document
written by 27-hunger-striking detainees at the Broadmeadows detention
The similarities are chilling - shamefully so.

(more http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/4625224.html0

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