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Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 11 22:16:18 MDT 2013

        Why did you violate your own rule, not to use names in the title of messages. Not that I have any problem.
Now in response to Com. Bharatbhushan's comment: 
As regards Caste identities, they appear to be stronger and more prevalent in North India than in Southern India.
It is my experience in nearly 4 decades of work in the CP here in my region, that people, and especially CP cadre do not bother about anybody's caste. I worked with a colleague for 30 years, without being aware of his caste. But in general, in India, caste and religion are powerful identities, more so in North and East India.
There might be some aberrations in CP cadres, but without any doubt, they are supportive of the cause of the downtrodden. Any accusations, I think are subjective. Com. Bharatbhushan appears to be subscribing to far-left and in that context, I can understand his argument.
Vijaya Kumar Marla

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