[Marxism] The Koch brothers hedge their bets

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Apr 13 16:28:46 MDT 2013

There must be something wrong with me. Here I am at the age of 68 still 
getting worked up over some Koch brother’s funded op-ed piece in the NY 
Times. If I had stopped reading newspapers 33 years ago after dropping 
out of the SWP, maybe I could have launched a career writing fiction. 
What is it that they recommend for people like me? A chill pill?

The offending piece is titled “China Must Exploit its Shale Gas”. My 
first reaction was to wonder if it was some kind of onion.com spoof. Not 
a day goes by without some disaster in China attributable to some 
profit-driven shortcut. Some reminders. The 2008 Sichuan earthquake 
caused 7000 inadequately constructed schoolhouses to collapse, thus 
costing the lives of 5000 children and another 15000 injured. As 
predicted, the Three Gorges Dam has had a terrible environmental impact, 
producing erosion on 80 percent of the adjacent land. One last instance 
to dramatize how risky it is for China to “dig deep” for any resource, 
including coal. Although producing just 35% of the world’s coal, China 
is responsible for 80% of coal miner fatalities. For example, a gas 
explosion at the Nanshan mine on November 13, 2006 killed 24 people. The 
mine, like so many, was operating without any safety license.


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