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Attention All "Rank and File" Workers and Members of an AFL-CIO Union! 

The quadrennial AFL-CIO National Convention is to be held Sept. 8-12, 2013, in Los Angeles, CA.. 

 Please consider supporting. or becoming yourself, a convention delegate from your AFL-CIO union local, to support these new fight-back strategies and to elect, or become part of, a new leadership to implement them!

  These new strategies, under new AFL-CIO leadership, will powerfully fight back for immediate economic justice by electing pro-labor candidates to every level of local, state, and federal government. In the long term, working people will be united in a new Solidarity Party to fight for a new socialist economy "of, by, and for the people". 

  AFL-CIO President Trumka, and his "leadership" team, hope to stay in power for another four years. But these current office holders have done nothing to stop the further decline of AFL-CIO membership (400,000 decline in 2012). 

With President Trumka's abject support of Obama and the Democratic Party, the existing AFL-CIO "leadership" is apparently clueless. Despite the dire organizational, political and economic crises facing organized labor and all working people, there are no new strategies 
from the incumbent leadership to fight back. 

What new organizational, political and economic strategies could a new AFL-CIO leadership use to fight back for the betterment of all working people?

What are the new economic and political realities facing organized labor that now demand new strategies?

1. Simple trade unionism, relying only on labor contracts, by itself has failed to sufficiently promote the economic betterment of organized workers. Most of the factors that mean a decent standard of living for working people are determined by laws passed by pro-labor officials at every level of local, State and Federal government. 

2. The "capitalist economy" serves to maximize the profit and wealth of the corporate-capitalist top 1%, by maximizing the exploitation (minimizing the wealth) of the bottom 99%. Workers, even with militant trade unionism, cannot fight back in a globalized capitalist world economy. Trade unionism, by itself, is kept powerless to fight back effectively in a capitalist-controlled economy. 

3. For the economic survival and betterment of the working class majority, the "capitalist economy" must end. The transitional struggle for a new "socialist economy", that provides a universal minimum standard of living for all, should begin with the organized labor movement. 

4. Thus a new AFL-CIO leadership should call for a new political party, The Solidarity Party, to unite politically trade unionized and unorganized workers, to replace both corporate-corrupted Democratic and Republican Parties. The Solidarity Party, accepting no corporate money or agendas, will elect pro-labor lawmakers to rebuild the economy for the economic betterment of all working people. 

5. A new AFL-CIO leadership should help produce, sponsor and demand a nightly PBS television program that presents news and current affairs commentary from a pro-labor economic perspective. 

End the Barbarism of Capitalism!
Fight Back for an Eco-Socialist Economy!

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