[Marxism] Nicolas Maduro wins Venezuela presidential election

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Sun Apr 14 23:18:31 MDT 2013


Venezuelanalysis has been showing both candidates delivering long, 
impassioned speeches just after the election results were announced. 
With the results at 50.7% for Maduro against 49.1% for Capriles, the 
Bolivarian revolution has from appearances suffered a serious setback. A 
recount has been agreed to by Maduro, and accusations of fraud are being 
hurled by Capriles. From what I understand of Spanish, he is also 
demanding a compromise, in that the country is so divided. That will, in 
effect, mean that his program will be incorporated into the process, and 
that will surely blunt the thrust of the revolution. The ashen, somber 
faces of Maduros's supporters behind him on the platform indicated to me 
how serious they feel the outcome is for their project.

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