[Marxism] A Radical Anthropologist Finds Himself in Academic 'Exile' - Faculty - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 15 17:16:44 MDT 2013

On 4/15/13 6:52 PM, michael yates wrote:
> David Graeber's upset at his inability to find an academic job in the
> US has been more or less mocked by some because he found a job in
> London. This misses the point, which is the sorry state of academe in
> the United States, its near complete isolation from anything that
> matters politically. Not to mention, it is just mean spirited.
> The Chronicle article mentions a conflict Graeber had with the odious
> J. Bradford DeLong. Made me like Graeber more than I already do.
> DeLong is a real ____ (fill in your own expletive).

Although I have big problems with Graeber's defense of the black bloc, 
there's lots about him that I like.

I see that he crossed swords with the odious Henry Farrell:

 >>There is some evidence of Mr. Graeber's contentiousness. During an 
online seminar about Debt on the blog Crooked Timber, Henry Farrell, an 
associate professor of political science at George Washington 
University, said Mr. Graeber had—for example—provided insufficient 
evidence that in the first Gulf War the United States had attacked Iraq 
partly because Iraq had stopped using dollars as its reserve currency 
and turned to the euro. In Mr. Graeber's response, he accused Mr. 
Farrell of "consummate dishonesty" and said he had failed to engage with 
the argument and instead sought to show its maker was a "lunatic." Mr. 
Farrell responded that he was "very unhappy" with Mr. Graeber's charges 
and tone.<<

Nearly all those Crooked Timber bloggers are second-rate social 
democrats and liberals who are obsessed with Marxism. Even though 
Graeber is no Marxist, his hostility to capitalism must have made them 
anxious to get the goods on him.

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