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Looks like a repeat of the Cold War. A friends brother-in-law was blacklisted
in Australia in the late 1950s because of his membership of the Communist
Party of Australia, He was a scientist and at the time much of sciences was
directed at developing weapons.

Along with his wife (my friend's sister) they moved to England so he could
find work. He has since died but each year she  comes back to Australia to
meet family and friends. I first met her about four or five years ago and
she is a delight to met and talk to. At one point she said of the Thatcher
years 'You didn't have to live through it.'

I suspect she has had the odd drink or two since the news about Thatcher

douglas jordan
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>David Graeber's upset at his inability to find an academic job in the US
>has been more or less mocked by some because he found a job in London. This
>misses the point, which is the sorry state of academe in the United States,
>its near complete isolation from anything that matters politically. Not
>mention, it i

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