[Marxism] Venezuela: Violent protests and failed general strike

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 17:47:32 MDT 2013

[It is not mentioned in this article, but the military high command have
come out with a statement that calls for calm and for recognition of
Maduro's victory.  ]

This afternoon president Maduro said the opposition’s call for a general
strike today had “failed”. He also blamed the losing candidate in Sunday’s
elections, Henrique Capriles, for the seven deaths last night.

Maduro said last night’s violence was part of a plan “to take Venezuela off
the road of democracy”, and called on the people to be peaceful and not
“fall for provocations”.


Last night seven people were killed as a result of opposition violence; two
in Caracas, three in Ojeda, Zulia, one in Cumana, and one person in San

The opposition set fire to 18 Central Diagnostic Centres (CDIs – part of
the Barrio Adentro health mission), and 3 subsidised food markets
(Mercals). They also attacked the director of the CNE, Tibisay Lucena’s
house, and the Telesur and VTV offices.

There are also unconfirmed reports of four attacks on housing mission
buildings in Miranda, with seven people killed and ten injured.

The governor of Carabobo state, Francisco Ameliach, reported that 8 CDIs
were “besieged” and Cuban doctors were attacked in his state. He said 64
people were detained inside the CDI, and “should go to jail, because we’re
not going to tolerate a coup d’état here”.


Further, the suspension of the right to carry arms in place during the
election, as is the custom, has been extended to this Saturday 6.00pm,
following last night’s violence.

State, municipal, and national police are also confined to barracks until
Saturday. Police need permission from  the National Bolivarian Armed Forces
strategic operational command to intervene or act on any of the violence
taking place.

“Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is humanity’s
original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made,
through disobedience and through rebellion.” — Oscar Wilde, Soul of Man
Under Socialism

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