[Marxism] Islamaphobia & the Boston Bombing | Islamaphobia & the Left

Clay Claiborne cjc at CosmosEng.com
Tue Apr 16 17:52:12 MDT 2013

I had been working on this major piece for a while now and just when I
was about to go to press, the Boston Marathon bombing happened and with
it came fresh new examples of Islamaphobia, so I add that at the beginning:

    Islamaphobia & the Boston Bombing | Islamaphobia & the Left

    The terror attack at the Boston Marathon took place while I was
    putting the finishing touches on this extensive essay on
    Islamaphobia. As of now, ~ 4:30pm pst 16 April 2013, officials say
    they are clueless as to why this happened and who is responsible for
    it. No one has claimed responsibility. They have no suspects and are
    just beginning their investigation. It is just too soon.

    Curious minds want to know yet nothing has been reported giving us
    even a clue as to who of what is behind this mass murder attack save
    one thing: Yesterday, news came out that they were talking to
    someone that had been injured in the bombing that they emphasized
    was not a suspect. This morning it has been further leaked that he
    is a Saudi national and his apartment was searched overnight.

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