[Marxism] From a John Holloway interview

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 17 11:59:05 MDT 2013

(What a windbag.)

ROAR: There is this critique, expressed by “unrepentant Marxists” like 
Louis Proyect, that if you don’t take power, power takes you. What would 
you respond to such a form of criticism?

JH: I think if you do take power, power takes you. That’s very 
straightforward. I mean it’s very difficult to take positions of power 
at least in the sense that it’s usually used as ‘power over’. Inevitably 
you fall into the patterns of exercising power, of excluding people, of 
reproducing all that you start off fighting against. We’ve seen that 
over and over again. If you say ‘we are not going to take power’, I 
suppose one of the arguments is that if we don’t take power, then the 
really nasty people will take over, that by not taking power we are 
leaving a vacuum. I think that’s not true: we have to think in terms of 
capitalism as a ‘how’ and not as a ‘what’; as a way of doing things. The 
struggle against capital and the struggle to create a different world — 
for a different ‘how’ — is about a different way of doing things. It 
doesn’t make sense at all to say that the best way to achieve our ‘how’ 
is to do things in the way that we are rejecting. That seems to be 
complete nonsense. If we say that the struggle is really to create a 
different way of doing things, different ways of relating to one 
another, then we have no option but just to get on with doing it, and to 
do everything possible to resist the imposition of the ‘how’ that we reject.


My critique: 

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