[Marxism] re fraud claims of the venezuelan opposition

michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
Wed Apr 17 17:47:30 MDT 2013

Dick Levins wrote:

'From the point of view of liberal parlamentarism, our side won. But 
from the perspective of revolutionary socialism it was not a victory. 
Socialism requires not acquiescence but overwhelming commitment of 
energy, enthusiasm, and creative innovation.'

      I agree entirely. But through struggle, it is possible to turn a 
Bad Thing into a Good Thing. Insofar as the masses are mobilised in 
response to the actions of the opposition, it can create a momentum 
which moves the process decisively forward not only against the 
oligarchy, capitalism and imperialism but also against the elements 
within Chavism that endanger the continuation of the process. Of course, 
there's nothing inevitable about such a development.

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