[Marxism] re fraud claims of the venezuelan opposition

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 19:50:58 MDT 2013

The vote gives an indication of where things are in terms of t he
consciousness of the full spectrum of Venezsuelan society. The
mobilisaitons on the streets give an indication of the mobilising potential
of the competing forces, in which the Chavista movement, even with the
incredible close vote, has held the upper hand.

The vote indicates the very real danger and big challenge. Of course, it
should be noted that Capriles had to virtuallly claim to be a Chavista to
win over the votes he got, which indicates the oppositonc annot win support
on its own program, but only by adopting its enemy's program and claiming
it will do it better. that is the counter-revolution's problem. The
revolutioon;s problem is the combination opf low conscio0usness among
broader lawyers that they could be won over by the ies of the
counter-revolution and -- most crucuaklly -- the very real problems
adversly affecting the popular sectora that the counter-revolution is
cyncially and hypocritically exploiting.

But the KEY thing is the vote indicates the very real danger -- the
question, rahter than just throwing hands up in despair, is HOW THE
REVOLUTION RESPONDS. It lost ground, it lost a disturbing amount of ground,
but it was not defeated. IAnd the oppositon;s campaign has given it a hook
to counter-mobilise, to take the offensive.

This article by Venezuela Analaysis indicates the Maduro government is
seeking to do exactly that -- calling for strong counter-mobilisations, and
"parliaments of the street". If this offensive is serious and able to make
real headway, then the danger will be met with an appropriately strong
response. The class struggle continues.


It says:

Last night in a national broadcast Maduro called for fireworks, “love,
music, and happiness” to counter the opposition’s nightly 8pm
*cacerolazos *(pan
banging) to protest the “fraud”. He said the proposal was originally made
by some PSUV branches, and he agreed with it.

He also called for constant street presence and mobilisations in the main
plazas, saying he has  “promised a government of the streets”. He repeated
his call for “peace” and for people to continue working.

He also announced today that the government will start a “street
government” from Monday, with himself and members of the government
visiting “the whole country” and receiving proposals from communities.
During a meeting with pro-Chavez governors today he said the priority
issues were heath, education, housing, popular power, and crime.

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