[Marxism] Texas fertilizer plant explosion

soma marla marlass_ag at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 18 09:57:46 MDT 2013

   Yet another  explosion  in a Chemical plant in Central Texas  killed five  and  more than 150 people  injured. This is  another  corporate crime. It happened in Texas back in 2006 and   nearly 25 years back in Bhopal , India. In Bhopal   a chemical gas leak in an   American chemical Multinational Union Carbide killed nearly 6,000 innocent civilians.    Again  this time  the   corporate  criminals would probably wak  free with a  small  penalty. No cases. no prosecutions,  Perhaps with the  insurance  claims it  may  establish another  chemical plant in  Waco suburbs itself. Very much possible. In capitalism  laws favor rich corporations and punish  only  innocent  civilians and working population.
Soma SundarNew delhi  

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