[Marxism] Capriles and falsified evidence on the elections

Joonas Laine jjonas at nic.fi
Thu Apr 18 22:51:05 MDT 2013

I received a clarification from Venezuelanalysis on their article on 
Capriles' claims of election fraud and what shows his "evidence" to be 
falsified. I'm forwarding it below.


Hi Joonas,

In Venezuela's elections, the electoral commission publishes what they 
call a "boletín" which is a report of the vote count before all the vote 
have been counted. They issue this "boletín" when the election is 
declared "irreversible"... when it is statistically impossible to 
overturn the results, but before all the votes have been tallied.

In other words, in many voting centers around the country all the votes 
have not yet been counted when this report is published. This report is 
then posted on the Electoral Commission's website when they issue the 
official results.

The voting centers that Capriles chose to make his comparisons were 
centers in which in 2012 not all the votes had been counted in CNE's 
results, and thus had unusually low numbers. He then compared them to 
the 2013 numbers, and since those centers had been fully counted in the 
2013 elections it looked as if the votes had increased dramatically in 
those voting centers. However, there was a more complete count in the 
2013 "boletín", and so more votes were registered for these voting 
centers... for BOTH candidates, not just for Maduro.

It should also be noted that the "increase" in votes in these three 
centers was very small relatively speaking, only accounting for a few 
hundred votes, and votes increased for both candidates. So it is very 
misleading to give it as an example of "fraud".

I hope that makes sense!

jjonas @ nic.fi

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