[Marxism] Hugh Forbes

Sean Noonan sean.noonan1789 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 11:17:33 MDT 2013

First, everyone should get Mark's book on Race and Radicalism in the Union
army.  His book on the Confederate invasion of Missouri is also top notch.

Second,  Over the years as this topic has come up on Marxmail I've always
been confused by Mark's positive statements about Hugh Forbes.  Truman
Nelson and Evan Carton (both are authors of top notch Brown Bios) are very
critical of Forbes.  Territorial pissing and egoism in the training of the
fighters in one thing, but to consciously set about undermining Brown by
snitching to outsiders about Brown's plans to take Harper's Ferry, that is
unforgivable.  So what if Forbes had a leftist revolutionary CV from
Europe?  He was also a narcissist and a snitch.



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