[Marxism] Cynical Thoughts On A Pleasant Rainy Morning In Idaho

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at hunterbear.org
Sat Apr 20 05:40:16 MDT 2013

An interesting and revealing week for sure.

The national Democratic Party has yet again emerged -- not as the party of Labor rights, or even civil rights, and certainly not of civil liberties -- but very much of Gun Control.

Two young psychotics and their nefarious works succeeded in monopolizing  American media for days.  Gone from national attention is the hideous and accidental destruction of most of West, Texas. And does the rest of Earth even exist anymore?

The actions of the two -- and the flight of the 19 year old survivor -- succeeded in almost totally shutting down one of the major cities of the world.  A big bottom line this morn on CNN:  "Boston Refused to be Intimidated."

All of this trumps even Charles Starkweather -- if anyone remembers him -- and his bloody rampage of 1958 in Nebraska.  

And Baron Castin (or Castine) and the fine and good old Abenakis (who would have burned Boston a little more than 300 years ago if France hadn't lost its nerve), please do take note.

Lots in all of this for our behavioral science colleagues.

Hunter Bear

Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk 
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