[Marxism] Cynical Thoughts On A Pleasant Rainy Morning In Idaho

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Sat Apr 20 06:01:58 MDT 2013

I'm waiting for the inevitable outcry in favor of a ban on all pressure

On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 7:40 AM, Hunter Gray
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> An interesting and revealing week for sure.
> The national Democratic Party has yet again emerged -- not as the party of
> Labor rights, or even civil rights, and certainly not of civil liberties --
> but very much of Gun Control.
> Two young psychotics and their nefarious works succeeded in monopolizing
>  American media for days.  Gone from national attention is the hideous and
> accidental destruction of most of West, Texas. And does the rest of Earth
> even exist anymore?
> The actions of the two -- and the flight of the 19 year old survivor --
> succeeded in almost totally shutting down one of the major cities of the
> world.  A big bottom line this morn on CNN:  "Boston Refused to be
> Intimidated."
> All of this trumps even Charles Starkweather -- if anyone remembers him --
> and his bloody rampage of 1958 in Nebraska.
> And Baron Castin (or Castine) and the fine and good old Abenakis (who
> would have burned Boston a little more than 300 years ago if France hadn't
> lost its nerve), please do take note.
> Lots in all of this for our behavioral science colleagues.
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