[Marxism] Boston bombing: likely fallout

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sat Apr 20 08:43:16 MDT 2013

When I first heard about the bombing at the Boston marathon and a few facts
surrounding it (such as the date, and no claim of responsibility) I
consoled myself with the thought: "Well, at least this will probably turn
out to have been the actions of an American far-right group, leading to
some increased awareness of those in the Tea Party milieu etc."

Of course now I am extremely worried, hearing the reports (if true) that it
was carried out by a pair of Muslim Americans who appeared in all ways to
be extremely "normal," leading lives almost beyond reproach, and with no
further reason for suspicion beyond having made a single visit to their
country of origin, Chechnya. This is exactly the scenario that is most
likely to revive the simmering Islamophobia, suspicion of foreigners,
concern with "sleeper cells," and (of course) increased acceptance of
government spying and repression. On the international stage it will be a
great opportunity for the Russian government (who can apparently claim that
it tried to "warn" the US authorities who turned out to be too "soft" in
dealing with radical Muslims) to promote their long-standing (going back
well into the history of the USSR) narrative of "terrorism" brewing in
Chechnya and other Muslim areas occupied by Russia. And to justify their
gross human rights violations against the independence movement there (but
skirting any talk over the legitimacy of those people's struggle!).
Implicitly, if not explicitly, this will contribute to hysteria regarding
"Islamic Terrorism" among the Syrians, Palestinians, Uyghurs etc.

I expect that Obama is much too sophisticated to openly echo the
Islamophobic sentiment (but will be happy to agree on further state
repression), but that may not apply to the majority of American voices, and
certainly not the right wing media :-(

- Jeff

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