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DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 13:49:37 MDT 2013

 "the uncle was interviewed the other day and says the family came from
Kyrgyzstan, which is far from Chechnya. is that whole region considered

Nope. To the south is Georgia. The to west is Dagestan. Dagestan has around
24 distinct ethnic subgroups and languages though Russian is the common
tongue. Among these many ethnic groups are Chechens many of those,
emigrating there to escape the civil wars of the last 20 years.

To the west of Chechnya is Ingushetia, which is about 1/4 the size of
Chehnya but covers the latter along it's entire westen border. FYI...to the
west of Ingushetia is North Ossetia, of recent conflict with the Georgians
to their south.

Ingushetia also has a Chechnyan immigration influx.


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