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lot of Chechen refugees there
see the NLR article I posted, also:

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>  "the uncle was interviewed the other day and says the family came from
> Kyrgyzstan, which is far from Chechnya. is that whole region considered
> Chechen???"
> Nope. To the south is Georgia. The to west is Dagestan. Dagestan has around
> 24 distinct ethnic subgroups and languages though Russian is the common
> tongue. Among these many ethnic groups are Chechens many of those,
> emigrating there to escape the civil wars of the last 20 years.
> To the west of Chechnya is Ingushetia, which is about 1/4 the size of
> Chehnya but covers the latter along it's entire westen border. FYI...to the
> west of Ingushetia is North Ossetia, of recent conflict with the Georgians
> to their south.
> Ingushetia also has a Chechnyan immigration influx.
> David
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