[Marxism] New Left Review - Asef Bayat: Revolution in Bad Times

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Apr 23 07:21:04 MDT 2013

How, then, are we to make sense of the Arab revolts, two years after the 
ousting of Mubarak and Ben Ali? Thus far, the monarchies of Jordan and 
Morocco have opted for minor political reforms; in Morocco, 
constitutional change allowed the leader of the majority party in the 
Parliament to form the government. In Syria and Bahrain, protracted 
battles against the coercive might of the regimes propelled the 
uprisings to opt for the insurrectionary path, the outcomes of which 
remain to be seen. The Libyan regime was overthrown in a violent 
revolutionary war. But the uprisings in Egypt, Yemen and Tunisia 
followed a particular trajectory, which can be characterized neither as 
‘revolution’ per se nor simply in terms of ‘reform’ measures. Instead it 
may make sense to speak of ‘refolutions’: revolutions that aim to push 
for reforms in, and through, the institutions of the existing regimes.


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