[Marxism] The myth of ANZAC Day in Australia

En Passant with John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Tue Apr 23 23:25:45 MDT 2013

Ruling classes around the world have their national myths. These attempt to tie working people to the capitalist class through the false idea of nationhood - a recent historical development.

The Australian version of this national myth is ANZAC day. It is supposedly the day Australia became a nation. It celebrates the defeat of Australia's invading troops at Gallipoli in 1915. 

War is an integral part of capitalism and imperialism. Most people's initial reaction is to recoil from war and all the horror it brings. ANZAC Day downplays that horror and makes war acceptable.

It is propaganda to allow the ruling class to call on the next generation of workers to join the war effort if needed.


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