[Marxism] New Socialist Alternative leadership discusses left unit

Ratbag Media ratbagradio at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 01:23:48 MDT 2013

"Socialist Alternative will be marching with the Socialist Alliance and
others on the left in a “fightback” contingent at May Day. There are also
public forums jointly sponsored by Socialist Alternative and Socialist
Alliance being planned for cities across the country in May and June to
discuss the question of how the left can unite....

"The NC affirms its support for attempts to unite the revolutionary forces
in the Australian socialist left into a single organisation. The NC
supports a merger of Socialist Alternative and the Socialist Alliance if
agreement can be reached on a revolutionary program and practice. To this
end the NC endorses the ongoing talks between the National Executive of
Socialist Alternative and the Socialist Alliance leadership, and empowers
the NE to take further steps to try and lay the basis for forming a united


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