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*Hugo Moldiz* interviewed by *Coral Wynter* and *Jim McIlroy*

April 24, 2013 -- /Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal/ 
<http://links.org.au/node/3318> -- Hugo Moldiz is a respected Marxist 
journalist and author living in La Paz. He has written several books, 
including /Bolivia in the Times of Evo/, published by Ocean Sur in 2009. 
He is editor of the weekly /La Epoca/ and has also contributed many 
articles to the magazine /America XXI/. We interviewed him during a 
recent visit to La Paz, Bolivia. Translation from the Spanish by Coral 

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*What is the significance of the election of an Indigenous president in 

The very fact of the election of an Indian to the highest level of 
government, to the presidency, was a revolutionary act. This may not 
mean so much in other parts of the world, but when we understand the 
nature of the social formation in Bolivia, it is very significant. This 
is due to the way the republic was established [in 1825] and its 
development based on the past colonial period, involving the development 
of forms of capitalist control over work and the stealing of our natural 
resources (the source of the original capital).

Successive governments further entrenched this by the almost total 
exclusion of the majority of people, the Indigenous people, from 
political participation. It was a double exclusion for the Indigenous 
people -- from political power as well as from participation in society. 
If you want to look at it in class terms and also from the point of view 
of the national culture, capitalism in countries like Bolivia has been 
sustained by colonialism. Thus from this perspective, the arrival of Evo 
Morales was very significant and resulted from the emergence of an 
Indigenous, peasant and popular movement and the formation of a new 
power bloc that is moving to displace the old power structure.

Full interview http://links.org.au/node/3318

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