[Marxism] British Eustonites make common cause with the "anti-imperialist" left

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 25 08:23:49 MDT 2013

"They have now closed ranks with MRZine, Voltairenet, Global Research, the PSL, Moon over Alabama, and the WSWS website. In a sense, this simply reflects the Islamophobia that led them to back Israel."

What an interesting development here, comrades. The fight for a unified left seems also to be causing a unification of a discernible right wing bridge to accommodation with imperialism. I believe this coalescence (or coagulation depending on your metaphor) among conservative elements of the left represent an important outcome. Clear(er) demarcations are being drawn. I think this is a good thing as fighters in the actual struggles of the people, like in Syria and in Venezuela, will more clearly be able to distinguish revolutionary solidarity from self-serving interests among privileged workers and intellectuals in the imperialist world (and in "developing" countries). There's nothing like a good bourgeois-democratic struggle against an imperialist-inspired despot to draw a class line. 

Barry Shepard's recent report in Australia indicates, among other things, that young revolutionaries coming into the struggle are striving to understand and learn how to strike a path to socialist unity and solidarity with peoples' struggles. What an important contrast for such revolutionaries to examine in the present context.

I think we are making headway. 		 	   		  

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