[Marxism] School of Rebellion: radical ideas and activities for young people

Nick Fredman nick.fredman at optusnet.com.au
Sat Apr 27 06:33:34 MDT 2013

Radical young people, carers, educators and others will be interested in
following and participating in the School of Rebellion. This began as a
series of activities for children and young people at the Marxism conference
in Melbourne over Easter, and will organise a series of activities in the
lead up to the next Marxism conference, beginning with children and carers
contingents at the May Day and World Refugee Day rallies in Melbourne.

See http://www.facebook.com/SchoolOfRebellion

And for the May Day contingent

Here's more of a blurb:

The School of Rebellion isn¹t about testing and Œachievement¹ but about
learning and agency. It¹s not a school, like every other, where education is
bound to commerce and productivity but rather one where knowledge and
learning are connected to justice and authentic democracy.

The School of Rebellion isn¹t framed by competition but by solidarity. The
School of Rebellion aims to provide a framework for children and young
people to investigate the world, blossom their creativity and challenge

The School of Rebellion is a challenge to the capitalist school, where
education is an instrument "to facilitate integration of the younger
generation into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity".
The School of Rebellion is inspired by the "the practice of freedom, the
means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and
discover how to participate in the transformation of their world" (Freire).

The capitalist school sees the student as wage-slave, client and consumer.
The School of Rebellion sees students as agents of social transformation and
liberation. The capitalist school aims to produce a work-ready, disciplined
and commodity thirsty citizen. The School of Rebellion aims to encourage
constructive, collective and organised rebellion.

The Latin American writer, Eduardo Galeano, best summed up the fate of
children under capitalism: "Day after day, children are denied the right to
be children. The world treats rich kids as if they were money, teaching them
to act the way money acts. The world treats poor kids as if they were
garbage, to turn them into garbage. And those in the middle, neither rich
nor poor, are chained to televisions and trained to live the life of
prisoners. The few children who manage to be children must have a lot of
magic and a lot of luck." (Galeano, 2000)

By coming to understand the world and recognising the need to change it,
children and young people can challenge a Œcareer¹ centred education and
become agents of change. Such agency opens a magical door to knowledge. This
is what the School of Rebellion hopes for.

A left initiative:

The School of Rebellion was formed as part of Socialist Alternative's
Marxism 2013 conference. It was organised by socialists and activists from a
number of different organisations including: Socialist Alternative, the
Revolutionary Socialist Party, Socialist Alliance, the Popular Education
Network Australia (PENA), Teachers and Education Support Staff Alliance
(TESSA) and non-aligned activists.

Over the course of the Easter long-weekend, around 30 children attended the
School which included a range of workshops, exploring visual arts, poetry,
writing, reading, philosophy and social justice

We hope to continue with the School and welcome others to get involved.

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