[Marxism] Two takes on Baathist use of chemical weapons

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Apr 27 06:53:52 MDT 2013

(Since wsws.org basically repackages the bourgeois press in Marxist 
verbiage, I am surprised (but not that much) by their refusal to 
acknowledge the reality of American indifference to chemical warfare 
against the rebels. That being said, I doubt that Assad has any real 
need for it given his overwhelming aerial superiority.)

NY Times April 26, 2013
Obama Not Rushing to Act on Signs Syria Used Chemical Arms

WASHINGTON — President Obama said Friday that he would respond 
“prudently” and “deliberately” to evidence that Syria had used chemical 
weapons, tamping down any expectations that he would take swift action 
after an American intelligence assessment that the Syrian government had 
used the chemical agent sarin on a small scale in the nation’s civil war.

Mr. Obama’s remarks, before a meeting here with King Abdullah II of 
Jordan, laid bare the quandary he now faces. The day after the White 
House, in a letter to Congressional leaders, said that the nation’s 
intelligence agencies had assessed “with varying degrees of confidence” 
that the Syrian government had used sarin, the president said he was 
seeking further proof of culpability for chemical weapons attacks. It is 
a laborious process that analysts say may NEVER produce a definitive 


Washington fabricates chemical weapons pretext for war against Syria
By Bill Van Auken
27 April 2013

In an attempt to pave the way for a direct military intervention aimed 
at toppling the government of President Bashar al-Assad, Washington, its 
NATO allies, Israel and Qatar have all in recent days broadcast 
trumped-up charges that Syria has used chemical weapons.

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