[Marxism] To V.C.

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sun Apr 28 11:22:30 MDT 2013

Manuel Barrera said (in part):
We are not purists on the bourgeois notion of "civility", so, getting upset and lashing out, while sometimes unclear as to why, really shouldn't be a problem for us as some "principle of discourse". We should not have a need to be somebody's "lawyer" in defense civility; a "principle" that seldom holds across class boundaries even if the bourgeoisie would like it to be; as a bludgeon of power. What if an uncivil response is what was warranted?            

Ken Hiebert replies:
Sometimes an uncivil response is what is needed, eg. in response to a racist remark.  In any case, I'm not sure that we are talking about upholding civility.  I think we are looking for a way for Louis to come out of the exchange as the clear winner.  That's what motivated my remarks.  I see myself as a boxing coach, not an advocate of civility for its own sake.

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