[Marxism] To Vivek Chibber

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 29 07:11:06 MDT 2013

On 4/29/13 8:59 AM, Andrew Pollack wrote:
> I wasn't there, but have a question. Was it heckling, which implies
> sustained interruption, or one (inappropriate) crack from Vivek telling
> Louis to shut up?

I thought I made it clear that he said something along the lines of "Do 
you have a question...get to the point".

> By the way, with regard to Aaron's citing of standard Leninist procedure
> for stopping violence within the left: Several of us WERE ready at last
> night's plenary to make sure Louis did not carry out his implied threat.

Nothing could have gotten me to listen to an hour long critique of 
Gayatri Spivak, especially when a new episode of "Housewives of Atlanta" 
was on.

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