[Marxism] No such thing as a bourgeois revolution?

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Mon Apr 29 12:53:46 MDT 2013


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> From a Soviet encyclopedia circa 1979:
> http://encyclopedia2.**thefreedictionary.com/**Kemalist+Revolution<http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Kemalist+Revolution>
> Kemalist Revolution
> the common name for the anti-imperialist, bourgeois nationalist revolution
> in Turkey.
Soviet encyclopedias have a certain formulaic quality, no?

As the most prominent Marxist analyst of Turkey, Caglar Keyder, has noted,
the national bourgeoisie neither incited nor controlled the Kemalist
Revolution. Keyder, Neil Davidson, and most other Marxists who've looked
into this revolution see it as a case of bureaucratic reformism or of a
bureaucratic "revolution from above." There's a relevant and interesting
chapter in Keyder's book, "State and Class in Turkey," entitled "Looking
for the Missing Bourgeoisie."

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