[Marxism] The new Jackie Robinson?

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Mon Apr 29 14:30:57 MDT 2013

The NY Times (bourgeois paper of record) has it wrong again with this article
trying to re-write history, or just being inaccurate, when they state that no
U. S. Major League Baseball player has come out before now.

Glen Burke (1952 - 1995) who originated the popular high five in MLB
and other sports, had come out as Gay, while playing for the Los Angeles
Dodgers and was treated badly by the team manager Tommy Lasorda
and traded to the Oakland Athletics where Burke soon after died from
AIDS.  Lasorda had hidden that his own son was Gay and who also died
of AIDS.   Lasorda was (and probably remains) a bigoted Roman Catholic.

Glen Burke a young African American Gay man, received little suuport
and much hostility from the Los Angeles Dodgers organization,  Glen also
was ill treated by the Oakland Athletics organization.  But the NY Times
that decided not to capitalize the word Gay and then most everyone
just followed into line - should not now be also re-writing Gay History.

Of course the NY Times discounts even mentioning the open Lesbians
playing in professional sports teams presently and in the past.  It is
revealing that the NY Times does not view the Women's Basketball
Association (WBA) as a major professional sports team, or other
sports.  Both men and women have come out in NSCAR, Bowling
and many other sports, which have many players and fans, that the 
NY Times knows apparently little about. 

But it should not be new to this List readers that the "paper of
record", is one of inaccuracies, lies and ignorance.

> NY  Times April 29, 2013
> N.B.A. Center Jason Collins Comes Out as Gay
> The announcement makes Collins a pioneer of sorts: the first player in 
> the N.B.A., N.F.L., N.H.L. or Major League Baseball to come out while 
> still pursuing his career. Other gay athletes, including the former 
> N.B.A. center John Amaechi, have waited until retirement to divulge 
> their sexuality publicly.


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