[Marxism] This list, (was To V. C.)

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 29 14:46:31 MDT 2013

Louis Proyect said:
It has been of real use because I spend at least 2 hours a day pouring through at least 25 websites aggregating items of interest to Marxists along the lines of Omnivore on Bookforum or Arts and Letters Daily, for which the late Denis Dutton received one million dollars from Chronicle of Higher Education. I consider the service I provide to nearly 1500 subscribers to be on a par with those websites even though I don't get a red cent for my time. In fact I think from time to time that it would be a good idea to throw this mailing list overboard because I understand that well over 30 percent of the subscribers have "violent fantasies" about me as one of my stalkers put it. That would free me up to work on writing projects that I barely have time for now, even though I am retired. 

Marxmail is approaching its 15th anniversary the day after tomorrow. I am not sure how much longer it will last after that. But you can bet that if I pull the plug on it, nothing will come along that is an improvement. I have seen fitful attempts to create a Proyect-less Marxism list and they have not gone very far. When I started this list in 1998, I did it with great reluctance because I was deeply aware of my own flaws--my sarcasm and my hair-trigger temper. But despite this, I think that you all are getting some very real benefits. So let's see what happens... 

Ken Hiebert replies:
Even though there are only 1,500 subscribers I expect that certain items get a broader circulation.  Every once in a while there is an item that i forward to other lists.

Is the glass 70% full or 30% empty?  If 30% of subscribers have violent fantasies about you, that leaves about 70% of subscribers who are not having violent fantasies about you.  I don't know how that compares with other lists, but I do take some comfort from that.

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