[Marxism] Syria Rebellion & The Boer Rebellion

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Mon Apr 29 21:53:55 MDT 2013

The current response by some leftists that they will support
ANY rebels against Assad's regime, reminds me of some
leftists in the late 19th Century had the same knee jerk 
romantic motion in supporting the Boers Rebellion against
Britain's colonial rule in South Africa.

As history knows, the Boers who lost that conflict would
still come to power in South Africa later, but they would
be eventually correctly perceived not as the revolutionaries
that some of those leftists originally perceived as fighters
against colonialism.  Those leftists who were dazzled and
admired the Boers fighting Britain's government, failed to
recognize the racist backwardness of the Boers and the
real majority of native people's status of that nation, with
a Boer victory.

All that mattered then by the leftists who championed
the  Boers over a century ago, was the perceived underdog
fighting the mighty British empire.  Today there seems a
similar mistake again based on viewing rebellion as being
akin to socialist revolution.  Who the leaders are and what
politics and beliefs they hold, should always matter - and
not the image alone of who is fighting jets with rifles.

Assad is no socialist and should not be supported by
leftists, but the Islamic fighters against him that are
Wahabi based fanatics, do not deserve support either.
Only support to Syrian socialists, who want a socialist
government and society - should receive our support.

Do not repeat the mistake that some other leftists in Iran
made in 1979, in their supporting a Shia Islamic group 
of religious fanatics, they then viewed as also "rebels".  It
resulted when these Islamic religious rebels  took power,
to slaugther leftists, Gays and subjugated women.  

The same goals of some of today's "rebels" in Syria, but 
only for another fanatic group of religionists.  Islamic
fundamentalism, as other religious Christian fanatics,
is not a solution, but more of the problem, as an
opiate of the people - for exploiters to rule, not to
free humanity.  Only the red flag and not the flag 
we see flying today by these religious fanatics, should
we rally around.

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