[Marxism] Another swipe at Edward Said

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Apr 30 07:58:31 MDT 2013

This is from the magazine of Solidarity, the group that Post and Chibber 
belong to. It is written by E. San Juan Jr.:

"Given his influential work Orientalism (1978), Said deserves to be 
called the originator and inspiring patron-saint of postcolonial theory 
and discourse. References to him abound in the writings of Spivak, 
Bhabha, Mohanty, and others.

"The anti-Marxism of postcolonial theory may be attributed partly to 
Said's eclecticism, his belief that American left criticism is marginal, 
and his distorted if not wholly false understanding of Marxism based on 
doctrinaire anticommunism and the model of 'actually existing socialism' 
during the Cold War."


San Juan cites the mad professor Mas'ud Zavarzadeh whose "Radical 
Orange" cult-sect wreaked havoc on the list that preceded Marxmail. 
Apparently this cult-sect formation around Zavarzadeh has reconstituted 
itself as Red Critique, an outfit that makes Platypus look sane by 
comparison. Here's an attack on Said there:

"Said's writings on the Palestinian and Israeli 'conflict', are 
exemplary of this use of culture to divert attention from the ongoing 
class struggle in the contemporary situation."


It was written by Amrohini Sahay, a Hofstra professor.

There's also an idiotic attack on Pierre Bourdieu written by Stephen 
Tumino, arguably the most obnoxious member of the Radical Orange cult-sect.


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