[Marxism] Boer Rebellion was: Syria Rebellion & The Boer Rebellion

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 30 15:21:04 MDT 2013

From: John Obrien 
> The current response by some leftists that they will support ANY rebels against Assad's regime, reminds me of some
> leftists in the late 19th Century had the same knee jerk romantic motion in supporting the Boers Rebellion against
> Britain's colonial rule in South Africa.

Romanticism be damned. Anyone who supported the British against the Boers was a class-collaborationist, identical in all respects to the clowns who voted for war credits a few years later.

To explain the vehemence of my response: the Australian colonies were heavily engaged in that war. In fact, after Federation in 1901, the war saw the emergence of the first (notionally) unified Australian army, rather than the earlier units raised by the individual colonies.

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