[Marxism] The crisis and the other - call for papers to Marx 2013 conference at Södertörn University, Stockholm

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Apr 30 16:44:13 MDT 2013

 > Hi everyone,
> This email goes out to academic scholars and political activists who might
> be interested in submitting abstracts to the panel session "The Crisis and
> the Other" which will take place at the Marx 2013 Conference at Södertörn
> University, Sweden, between 18th-20th of October this fall. For further
> information about the Marx 2013 conference, see http://marx2013.com.
> The session "The Crisis and the Other" asks for Marxist perspectives on
> current European xenophobia. Presuming that racism is not a loosely
> hovering ideology, but rather inscribed into and reproduced by
> socio-economic relations, it encourages a rethinking of the relation
> between race/ethnicity, class and economics. Suggested questions includes
> the following:
> How can we comprehend the relation between neoliberal politics and
> increased inequalities on the one hand, and xenophobia and ethnic
> chauvinism on the other? Why do workers turn to reactionary, rather than
> progressive or revolutionary, movements in times of crisis? Is it possible
> to posit the question of increasing xenophobia without a class perspective?
> Is ”antiracism” an appropriate concept for building resistance against
> these movements, or is it more adequate to use the term "antifascism"?
> The official call for papers to "The Crisis and the Other" can be seen at
> http://marx2013.com/seminarier/the-crises-and-the-other-eng. For any kind
> of questions about the session, please contact me at
> daniel.strand at idehist.su.se or +1 646 546 21 86.
> Feel free to forward this email to scholars or activists that you think
> might be interested in contributing to the session.
> Best regards,
> Daniel Strand
> Ph.D Student in history of ideas, Stockholm University
> Visiting scholar
> Department for Historical Studies
> New School for Social Research
> E-mail: daniel.strand at idehist.su.se
> Phone: +1 646 546 2186

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