[Marxism] NY Indian Film Festival 2013

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Apr 30 17:37:53 MDT 2013

This is an all points bulletin for New Yorkers who care deeply about 
film and about politics. Based on the press screenings of three films 
that are scheduled for the 2013 New York Indian Film Festival that opens 
today, you have the chance to see some amazing work. The two narrative 
films being discussed here are meant primarily for the Indian market. 
Unlike the typical Indian film that ends up at an art house in Greenwich 
Village, the directors behind these films came up through the ranks of 
the indigenous television and film industry rather than the UCLA Film 
School. This means that the sensibility is distinctly Indian as opposed 
to the sort of “globalized” film that exhibits more of West Hollywood 
than West Bengal. What you “lose” in terms of dramatic complexity and 
psychological depth is more than made up for by authenticity. The other 
film under discussion is a documentary that will probably not end up in 
a New York theater, all the more reason to take it in. After all, it is 
not every day that you get a chance to find out about war-torn Manipur’s 
main passion: baseball.


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