[Marxism] {Marxism} to V.C.

Joanne Gullion claraescher at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 30 20:17:00 MDT 2013

For me the best part of the marxmail list are Luis's contributions.  I thoroughly enjoy his writing style, including his sarcasm.  Although I will admit it may be a bit of a guilty pleasure at times. (Of course I also think Housewives of Atlanta is a hoot!)

But come on you guys, there's nothing nearly this good on the internet that I've been able to find, when it comes to radical, left-wing, Marxist discussion on a daily basis.  If Louis leaves I fear it will be the end of this site.

Yes you are over the top sometimes Louis, but I would be totally bummed if you left your assigned post.

Please stay.


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