[Marxism] Special Page at Monthly Review: Exchange with M. Heinrich on Crisis Theory

Charlie charles1848 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 1 20:11:02 MST 2013

Marx's law on the falling rate of profit has been used to tackle two 
problems of capitalist economy:
     * recurring crises and slumps, and
     * the turn in the contradiction between the forces and relations of 
production, when momentary resolution of class struggle by reform is no 
longer possible and revolution becomes the only way out.

The law has successfully explained crises and slumps. Attempts to have 
it explain the arrival of the era of revolution have not proven out; a 
deeper analysis of accumulation and labor accomplishes that task.

Heinrich merges the two uses of the law - a fine debating tactic! He 
shows no interest in working on either one of them in real life. His 
textualism is one consequence.

Incidentally, the threads on this list concerning Heinrich were posted 
mostly in Feb.-May 2013. Not all the posts have his name in the Subject 
line. A search that retrieves most of the posts is
     "crisis theory" inurl:pipermail inurl:marxism
where you also click on the option that the search engine does _not_ 
omit similar entries.

Charles Andrews

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