[Marxism] Nostalgia Nixonia

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Dec 1 20:30:10 MST 2013

I'm currently watching "All the President's Men Revisited" on the Military

Amazing to look back on it as history . . . . Is anyone else troubled by a
lot of the self-delusional liberal triumphalism on the subject?

In the end, the Democrats who made no issue of the breakin in 1972 also
opted not to press the question of Nixon's criminal liability.

A decade later, Reagan built on the precedent to radically expand the
powers of the Executive branch, culminating in the Iran-Contra Affair,
which made Watergate look like a boy scout outing, and the Democrats gave
that a miss as well.

On the basis of this, George W. Bush responded to his administrations
abject failure to perform the most elementary task of doing what
Republicans always boast of being so good at--protecting the country.  And
the Democrats rolled over on everything the administration wanted.  Whined
a little, but supported it lock, stock and barrel where it came to voting
for all that crap in the Congress.

And now, you have a Democratic Chief Executive embracing all those
precedents and extending them into areas Richard Nixon could not have
imagined, even if we were dropping acid with Elvis.  I think history has to
record Nixon as big winner and all the liberals crowing over the alleged
rejection of his course as the more truly deluded.


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