[Marxism] "We need to talk to Assad" about fighting Al-Qaida: US analysts, officials

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Who says they ever stopped talk to Assad, just because Kerry can't be
caught dining with him in public.

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> Some analysts and American officials say the chaos there could force the
> Obama administration to take a more active role to stave off potential
> threats among the opposition groups fighting against the government of
> President Bashar al-Assad. But striking at jihadist groups in Syria would
> pose formidable political, military and legal obstacles, and could come at
> the cost of some kind of accommodation - even if only temporary or tactical
> - with Mr. Assad's brutal but secular government, analysts say.
> "We need to start talking to the Assad regime again" about
> counterterrorism and other issues of shared concern, said Ryan C. Crocker,
> a veteran diplomat who has served in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. "It will
> have to be done very, very quietly. But bad as Assad is, he is not as bad
> as the jihadis who would take over in his absence."
> Full: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/04/world/middleeast/
> jihadist-groups-gain-in-turmoil-across-middle-east.
> html?partner=rss&emc=rss&smid=tw-nytimesworld&pagewanted=all&_r=1&
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