[Marxism] Quantum physics, dialectics and society: from Marx and Engels to Khrennikov and Haven

Gregory Adler gregadler502 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 22:51:33 MST 2013

I am far from having the scientific knowledge necessary to deal with the
raised here. But in my limited understanding it seems to me that this piece
is wrong both in its fudging of the difference between the Engels and Marx
understanding of the dialectics of nature and quantum science and the
recruiting of quantumists (as far as I know this is my coining and I
acknowledge its inelegance) as unconscious dialecticians.

And to label one of the greatest of scientists of the last century as
anti-science on the basis of what I believe to a profound misunderstanding
of the uncertainty principle so that he is put forward as a sort of
knock-em-down Bishop Berkeley doll is more of an attack on the writer's
grasp of reality than Bohr's.

It is perhaps not too surprising that such a schematised view of quantum
science comes from such a sectified, ossified outfit as the Ted Grant
commemorating IDOM mob.

If this sort of stuff is to be put forward as Marxist-worthy then the time
may not be far
off when Shaun May and I take up lots of space with our competing fond
memories of Healy's dialectics of cognition.

God,Hegel, Marx, Engels, Trotsky save us.

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