[Marxism] Nelson Mandela: the struggle goes on

En Passant with John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Fri Dec 6 04:46:21 MST 2013

In September 1993 Mandela made a remarkable speech to trade unionists. He declared, "How many times has the liberation movement worked together with workers and then at the moment of victory betrayed the workers? There are many examples of that in the world.

"It is only if the workers strengthen their organisation before and after liberation that you can win. If you relax your vigilance you will find that your sacrifices have been in vain.

"You just support the African National Congress only so far as it delivers the goods. If the ANC government does not deliver the goods, you must do to it what you have done to the apartheid regime."

Once more Mandela had courageously told the truth.We mourn his passing. We remember his great sacrifice. The struggle goes on.


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