[Marxism] Fair Trade (Was: Mandela and the SACP)

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Sun Dec 8 08:18:41 MST 2013

Hello Jeff

Many thanks for your replies to my postings. I always try to make discussion a learning experience

for myself primarily and if the other/s learn in the process then that is a bonus. Discussion with other women and men has been an important source of my own theoretical and political development. This list is now playing a part in that development.

I make it a principle to always approach fellow socialists in a spirit of comradeship and humanity and try to maintain that. I have seen so much abuse and bile between so-called fellow socialists and communists - on and off the internet - that I sometimes wonder where their "communism" resides. As soon as any interpersonal hostility enters the interaction between socialists then that discussion is over. Better to withdraw. 

The purpose of discussion, in my opinion, is to deepen our critique of this wretched system and, in so doing, perhaps help bring the day closer when we, as a class movement, as brothers and sisters, will put a final end to it. My modest contribution in regard to Mandela and the ANC was made in this spirit. In the end, we will all be pointing the guns, if we must, at the same enemy and hopefully not at each other. 

Nobody is infallible. We must all admit the possibility of 'moving on'. And acknowledge and appreciate the 'push and shove' which others give us in that regard. I have been 'pushed and shoved' on many occasions. And, in retrospect, I have been thankful for that.  Needless to say, I always reserve the right to be wrong.

With fraternal regards

Shaun May

East Yorkshire


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