[Marxism] In Cuba’s Press, Streets and Living Rooms, Glimmers of Openness to Criticism

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Sun Dec 8 11:13:17 MST 2013

t. Louis Proyect wrote


Mr. López Levy likened the task of pushing for change from within in 
Cuba to the punishment of Sisyphus, rolling a stone up a hill only to 
watch it roll to the bottom.

“But sometimes,” he acknowledged, “the stone comes to rest in a 
different position.”
The Sysyphus analogy here is upside down, as one could expect. The NYT 
writer uses it to depict the gradual dismantling of an experiment in 
socialism to its "rightful" orderly place in the community of capitalist 
nations - via localized glasnost, "the right to elect the president, the 
legalization of marijuana and freedom of information."

Where it actually applies, and of course the article doesn't touch it 
because it's the whole enchilada and what bourgeois mouthpiece in its 
right mind would go there, is in the effort to combat disillusionment 
and cynicism in the face of the attempt to sustain a regime originally 
based in a socialist ethos in one country - in which an economy 
ostensibly based on production for need instead of profit is up against 
historically, globally, capitalistically, technologically engendered 
domestic need, requiring input from world trade networks dominated by 
capital. There the effort of Sysyphus truly applies, for those in Cuba 
still striving toward a socialist system, with ever-increasing difficulty.

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