[Marxism] Philippines eyewitness: 'It was like Zombieland'

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Mon Dec 9 10:11:18 MST 2013

Thanks very much for posting this Stuart. I've seen on Facebook other
articles on PLM relief/organizing work in this crisis, which inspired me to
find out more about who they are. They seem like a big step forward for the
left (googling PLM at greenleft.org.au turns up more).

Pierre Rousset also has several articles at internationalviewpoint.org on
groups which similarly are combining relief work with community/political

Ironically here in the US, the most visible groups doing fundraising for
relief are fronts for the sectarian CPP, a group headed by the psychopathic
Maoist murderer Jose Maria Sison. Or by legitimate groups which, not
knowing any better, are publicizing those fronts' fundraising efforts. But
I haven't (and won't) raise that unless malfeasance/misappropriation/etc.
turn up.

Andy P.

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> Tony Iltis
> “When we went out, it was like a Zombieland,” Zoreen Agustin, a student at
> the University of the Philippines’ Tacloban campus told me on December 2.
> “A lot of people were walking around, some with no shoes and their clothes
> all torn, a lot of people were covered in cuts.”
> She was referring to what she saw after Tacloban, and much of the Eastern
> Visayas region, were demolished by Super Typhoon Yolanda (known as Typhoon
> Haiyan outside the Philippines) on November 8. The storm, one of the
> strongest on record to hit land, killed anywhere between 500 and 10,000
> people.
> I was speaking with her and her brother, Efrem, after we disembarked from
> the ferry linking Matnog, on the southern tip of the island of Luzon, with
> Allen on the northern tip of the Eastern Visayan island of Samar.
> We were travelling as part of a convoy of two large 10-wheel trucks and a
> van that made up “People’s Caravan 2”. It was actually the third convoy of
> vehicles sent to the cyclone-devastated region from Manila by the left-wing
> Partido Lakas ng Masa (Party of the Labouring Masses, PLM).
> https://www.greenleft.org.au/node/55562
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