[Marxism] Gustavo Petro

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 20:19:06 MST 2013

Today the "procurador" of the nation deposed the mayor of Bogotà, Gustavo
Petro, and ordered that Petro be deprived of his right to hold public
office for fifteen years. The same treatment was meted out to Senator
Piedad Cordoba a little over a year ago. The procurador is a position in
the government that is not popularly elected, but has the power to remove
popularly elected officials. it is the symbol of the antidemocratic nature
of the Colombian state. It is a position establishedint eh 1991
Constitution which was written in collaboration between the delegates of
M-19, the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party. Petero is the leader of
the Progresisatas, the descendants of M-19, he voted to confiimr the
procurador in his office when Petro was a Senator, while the other main
leader of thwe Progresistas, Antonio Navaaoro Wlf was one of the main
authors of the constitution that created the procuradoria. Where this will
lead remains to be seen. Anthony

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