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On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 10:19 PM, Anthony Boynton
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> Today the "procurador" of the nation deposed the mayor of Bogotà, Gustavo
> Petro, and ordered that Petro be deprived of his right to hold public
> office for fifteen years. The same treatment was meted out to Senator
> Piedad Cordoba a little over a year ago. The procurador is a position in
> the government that is not popularly elected, but has the power to remove
> popularly elected officials. it is the symbol of the antidemocratic nature
> of the Colombian state. It is a position establishedint eh 1991
> Constitution which was written in collaboration between the delegates of
> M-19, the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party. Petero is the leader of
> the Progresisatas, the descendants of M-19, he voted to confiimr the
> procurador in his office when Petro was a Senator, while the other main
> leader of thwe Progresistas, Antonio Navaaoro Wlf was one of the main
> authors of the constitution that created the procuradoria. Where this will
> lead remains to be seen. Anthony

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