[Marxism] Regroupment – our letter to the International Socialist Network

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 11 14:04:50 MST 2013

(From the British FI group.)

Regroupment – our letter to the International Socialist Network

Dear comrades,

We said that we would give you a more considered response to the 
decision of your Politics conference to call for a wider regroupment 
involving Workers Power, Plan C and the Industrial Workers of the World 
(IWW) which would conclude with a regroupment conference in the spring. 
This effectively replaced the existing three way process between 
ourselves, yourselves and the Anti Capitalist Initiative (ACI) comrades.

A similar approach has now been adopted by the ACI conference in 
Manchester last Saturday – with the additional proviso that the spring 
conference would only be an interim step towards a regroupment 
conference which would take place at a later date.

After your conference we gave you an initial response to the effect 
that, whilst we are strongly committed to the regroupment process, your 
new proposal was more contentious since it proposes to include 
organisations (Worker Power in particular) which have a very different 
view as to the kind of new organisation which we should aspire to build. 
We said that as a result of this we would need to discuss your new 
proposal in more detail at our National Committee (NC), which was due to 
be held on December 7th.

We have now had a discussion at our NC. We can confirm that we do indeed 
want to be fully involved in the new process and will do everything we 
can to bring it to a successful conclusion. We remain of the view that 
this is an historic opportunity to build something new on the 
revolutionary left that we should not miss.


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